Monday, October 19, 2009

2nd Place is the 1st Loser

Insomnia is such a weird word to wrap my head around. It's mostly because I work weird hours. In fact, my work schedule is such that I’m constantly asked “How do you do it?” I respond simply by re-asking the question. I know that’s not a proper way to answer a question- unless it’s one of the games you learned in high school theater class.

So while my mind continues to crank out good thoughts instead of those to put me to sleep, I decided to write about a few of the conventions coming to town this week. As you can tell, Las Vegas is a melting pot of the world’s economy. People flock here for many a-reason and one of those- conventions. But, let’s pause for a moment and think about the world’s greatest triumphs and tragedies. Like the one that happened the other day with the Patriots and Titans- the 59 to 0 route, or when Brett Favre lead the Vikings to 6 and 0. Get my drift? It’s all about competition.

While I did not get a chance to go, the World Paintball championships made a brief appearance this weekend. I’m sure it was a blast. I’m sure paint was splattered across the Las Vegas Convention Center floor. I planned to attend but at the last second- decided to hang back and spend some away from the Strip.

Later this week, the Monopoly World Championships comes to town. Yes, I said it. The MONOPOLY WORLD  CHAMPIONSHIPS! Champions from 40 different countries will battle it out in one big contest to see who can buy and sell more real estate (fake that is) than anyone else. The winner gets $20,000 and the title of Monopoly Champion. But, someone brought up a good point. The point of Monopoly is to bankrupt the other competitors. Hm.. sound familiar? Welcome to Las Vegas. The epicenter of the housing bust.

On a side note, The National Convenience Store Convention comes to Las Vegas at the back half of the week. One cool thing going on in the maze of Slurpees, 2 month old hot dog cooking machines and beer--- Operation Interdependence- a non-profit devoted to sending care packages to troops overseas-- will be collecting unused goods that the exhibitors did not give out during the length of the show. They’ll then box them up and send them to our men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

So that’s what’s going on this week. Good luck to the Monopoly Champs. Should be a showdown of showdowns.

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